Ambrosia-SupHerb is the leading company in Israel in the field of VMS (Vitamins,Minerals, Supplements). Established in 1986, SupHerb is well- known in the nutritional sup­plement industry, as an innovator and a top-quality manufacturer. 

The powerful combination of re­search, scientists and cutting-edge technologies enables SupHerb to provide unique and innovative formulations and top of the line finished products. 
We at SupHerb manufacture a broad array of nutritional supple­ments and therapeutic herbs and we specialize in developing and manufacturing soft gel capsules. 
We also have the technol­ogy for manufacturing vegetable soft gel capsules which is considered to be a unique technology. 

Supherb's high standards are also manifested in the strict supervision we must undergo to receive the kosher certificate. In addition, Supherb maintains a line of highly kosher products.

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