Halva Barake with pecans bars 120 g

Halva Barake with pecans bars 120 g
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Israeli halva production, Barake made of natural sesame seeds and not only has a wonderful, melting in the mouth taste and useful properties that carry the true value.Barake halva, contains only natural ingredients so it is safe to give children. 

It contains a large number of vegetable fats. But not only them. Halva is rich in fatty acids, protein and dietary fiber. A substantial content of essential minerals: potassium, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. This healthy dessert carries anti-aging properties. All use of the paste is reduced to the use of those products, of which it is made. After all, seeds or nuts when they are drying and grinding do not lose their properties. Halva, containing several components, these properties are only multiplies.

The main benefit of natural barake halva, is contained in polyunsaturated fatty acids of vegetable origin. This substances such as linoleic, linolenic, oleic and other acids. Also it has a lot of protein containing in its composition of proteins and useful amino acids. And, of course, vitamins and minerals that are rich in this product. 

Ingredients: natural sesame seeds, pecans.

In box 7 bars in 18 grams.

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