SeboCalm Healthy-Skin 30 Capsules

SeboCalm Healthy-Skin 30 Capsules
Brand: Sebocalm
Product Code: sbc008
Price: $45.0

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Sensitive, red or pimples-prone skin deserves support from the inside
SeboCalm Healthy-Skin Capsules complete your external skin regimen by providing essential additives that improve your skin’s health and look. SeboCalm capsules are an innovative dietary supplement that treats and nurtures the skin. Daily intake of the SeboCalm capsules will improve the look of your skin and hair. Your skin will be healthier, more supple and less sensitive. The natural capsules contain medicinal herbs, vitamins and antioxidants that protect your skin from environmental damage and slow down the skin’s aging process, providing your skin and hair a lively and fresh look and feel.

The capsules are especially effective for:

Maintaining young and healthy skin (anti-aging)
Relieving redness and irritated skin
Treating pimples and acne
Treating and relieving dry and damaged skin
Strengthening the hair and nails
Treating sensitive skin exposed to sun damage
Treating seborrhea and psoriasis
The capsules contain medicinal herbs, vitamins and antioxidants to help maintain the skin and hair:

Dandelion and Nettle to promote liver and kidney activity to rid the body of toxins
Magnesium, Rosehip, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 (all antioxidants) to protect your skin from free radicals
Turmeric, Vitamin A, ALA and pycnogynol – anti-inflammatory and anti allergy components

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