Sea of Spa Dental Care 100ml

Sea of Spa Dental Care 100ml
Brand: Sea of Spa
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Fresh breath from the mouth is the key to the success of any event in which you need to show communication and sociable qualities. In order not to irritate people around you with the smell of decay products every time you open your mouth, it is recommended to use a special salt toothpaste made by the Israeli Dead Sea cosmetics brand Sea of ​​Spa.
Of course, if your teeth are affected by caries or your gums are constantly bleeding, then without dental intervention you cannot get rid of your problem. But if you have everything with your teeth and gums just fine, and the pungent smell from the mouth does not allow you to live normally, then this toothpaste based on Dead Sea salt will save you from what scares people.
Regular use of this tool is an excellent prevention of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. It has a firming, cleansing and protective effect: it combats plaque on the teeth and tongue, which are very often the source of bad breath.
Do not use children under 6 years old.

Apply a small amount of paste on a toothbrush, brush your teeth in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. It is recommended to use at least two times a day.

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