Shape Probiotic Altman 30 caps

Shape Probiotic Altman 30 caps
Brand: Altman
Product Code: alt1100
Price: $35.0
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Probiotic Shape with Probiotic B-420 ™, which participates in the fat control process.

• Obesity rates in Israel and worldwide are increasing. Recently, intestinal bacteria are thought to be a metabolic factor that affects body weight.
Probiotic ™ B-420 helps to secrete GLP-1 hormone from the intestine.
• BIO PROTECTOR A patented production technology based on the combination of polysaccharides and phosphates.
It has biological protection activity to maintain the stability of the bacteria against the acidity of the stomach and reach the intestine, as well as protects the probiotic bacteria from the penetration of moisture from the environment and thus ensures a long shelf life.

Ingredients: prevents digestion: cellulose, probiotic strain (milky substrate): b. Lactis, antagonists: magnesium stearate, silica dioxide; Food color: titanium dioxide.

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule once a day.
Contains moisture absorber.
Allergens: Probiotic bacteria grow on a milky substrate.


Kosher dairy for non dairy dairy under the supervision of the Or Yehuda Rabbinate.

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