Aroma Dead Sea

Aroma Dead Sea was founded in 1997 with a vision of producing high-quality beauty and spa cosmetic products with the natural appeal and mystique of Dead Sea minerals and mud. 

You can buy Dead Sea Cosmetics Aroma Dead Sea online with free shipment worldwide.

Over the last 18 years, research and development team has developed several proprietary products that stand out from competitors because of an unique formulas and one-of-a-kind balance of active, natural ingredients. They are the crown jewels in a product line with over 250 items. We can confidently testify that Aroma Dead Sea has a more extensive and varied collection of Dead Sea products than any other company in the world, including:

MudZero - flagship product - for hair removal
Anti-dandruff and Anti-balding mud shampoo
Vitamin C Serum for facial use
Vitamin C Serum for eye wrinkles
Dead Sea Mud hair mask
Honey & Olive Oil hair mask

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