Israeli cosmetic factory Kamedis offers products to relieve skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis,
Seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, bites, and dry or irritated skin.
Products based on a unique combination of traditional Chinese herbal extracts,
They have been tested and proven effective in clinical trials and are recommended by dermatologists around the world.
Kamedis products do not include steroids, parabens, SLS and color additives.
We adhere to the quality control process from the testing stage of raw materials,
From production to the sale of the product to you.

Kamedis Series

 - redness on the face of SEBO SKIN
TOPIC & DRY SKIN - dry and atopic skin
AC - CLEAR - acne, oily skin, rashes
 - seborrheic dermatitis SEBO
 - psoriasis PSO

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