Kosher Mehadrin

 kosher or not kosher?

Here is an example that will help us understand the idea of ​​Mehadrin kosher.

We all want to eat healthy foods. What is healthy food? There are different levels for this. There are those who eat enough vegetables a day, others avoid eating beef, and still others choose only organic fruits and vegetables.

There are levels in healthy food, and some have chosen very high levels, although in many cases this is due to inconvenience and exceeds normal financial expenses.

Kosher is very similar to nutrition: it is a spiritual diet for the soul. Even when you regularly support kashrut, you give your soul spiritual nourishment - and for this you deserve all praise! - But there are those who chose a higher level of kosher, namely Mehadrin kosher

The food industry in the modern era uses every product, and even a simple product, such as bread, various industrial materials and raw materials, the work of which is to improve the quality of food products, improve their appearance, extend their shelf life and so on. This raw material is imported and produced from all places in the world, and it is impossible to know from which components it is produced. These substances can have problems with unclean animals, meat and milk, wine and the like. Kosher authorities have specialized experts who know how to trace the origin of any material that is inserted into the product. These warders sometimes travel to distant countries to study the production process of raw materials more deeply, so today there is practically no such food product that could be eaten with complete confidence without kosher printing.

Mehadrin Kosher - are strictly controlled by observation and supervision, and their kashrut level is higher than usual. This is due to the fact that there are halachic definitions in which there are different opinions in the arbitrators' literature, and they can be facilitated or made worse. Conventional kashrut agencies often rely on opinion support to provide the general public with a minimum kashrut level, while Mehadrin kashrut authorities do not use these permissions to provide kosher consumers with a higher kosher level. For example: the difference between ordinary kosher milk and mehadrino kosher milk is milk. In Israel there are kibbutzim who feed cows on Saturday, and this milk is intended for the regular kosher market. Milk in kosher mehadrin comes exclusively from Israeli kibbutzim under the strict supervision of kashrut organs

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