Rewards Program

Hanna-Natura Awards is a simple and convenient way to share your favorite site with others by email, through blogs or on social networks. Buyers who register with your link or enter your unique referral number at registration receive a gift of $ 5 to their balance in our store, and you receive a 5% reward from all their orders placed on our website.
You can use these rewards to pay for purchases at Hanna-Natura.
Please note that you must be a registered purchaser of the Hanna-Natura to participate in the Hanna-Natura Rewards program.
It's easy to start sharing links.
Just sign into your personal account at our site and go to My account. Next, click View Referrers. There you'll find a link for sharing that you can share with others. This link already contains your unique referrer code. Your code is listed at the end of this link as last digits, that you can also share with other people.

Each month, more than 100 Hanna-Natura customers receive partial or full compensation for their orders from the site.

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Attention! The program does not apply to users with the same addresses and names; when identifying the registration of people with the same names or addresses via a referral link, the rewards will not be charged.