The series of cosmetic products for intimate care Femina. Feel feminine and fresh each day - very simple with a series of Femina. To maintain feminine hygiene, and if you want to take care of elimination of the infection and irritation of the vagina – all series products for you, they give a feeling of freshness, prevents odors. 
In the series included a variety of means, including:
Femina classic, enriched with tea tree oil and Aloe Vera designed for women during a cycle, pregnancy, after childbirth, helps with the irritation and burning of the vagina.
Wipes Femina To GO can be used anywhere, as a sedative, suitable for treatment of chronic infections and helps in preventing inflammations and infections.
For women who suffer from vaginal dryness - Femina gel lubricant.

And other products for intimate hygiene you can buy in our online store.

Made in Israel under quality control

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