Careline Facial Scrub Brusher 150 ml

Careline Facial Scrub Brusher 150 ml
Brand: Careline
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Throughout the day your skin accumulates dirt and grime that become mixed with your natural skin oil and together they harm the skin, clog pores and create a dull and greasy appearance.
Effective skin cleansing helps maintain skin health, prevents early signs of aging and gives the face a young, revitalized look.
The Careline Beauty Laboratories developed a rich, smooth foaming gel facial cleanser, enriched with cucumber extract that gives a sense of comfort and freshness that lingers for many hours.
The foaming cleanser comes in a compact squeeze tube, with a unique, built-in cleansing brush to complete the facial cleaning process.
The unique cleansing brush with gentle silicone bristles:

Targets all areas of the face, including hard-to-reach areas.
Effectively removes all types of impurities, grime and oil build-up in the pores.
Provides the skin with a stimulating massage, which boosts blood flow that is essential to the proper functioning of the skin.
Removes dead skin cells and facilitates skin regeneration.
Revitalizes the epidermis for a rosy, radiating and vibrant look.
Does not cause dryness and is suitable for all skin types, during the morning and evening hours.
For repeated and effective use of the product:

The brush has a rotating mechanism that opens and locks when not in use.
Hypoallergenic * Suitable for all skin types * Not tested on animals

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