Materna Corn flour Porridge 4+ months 200 gr

Materna Corn flour Porridge 4+ months 200 gr
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For infants, porridge is much more than food. It supplements the nutritional and developmental needs of the infant.

According to the Ministry of Health recommendations from 2012, the transition to supplemental foods should be made gradually shortly before the age of six months, while continuing to provide breast milk or a breast-milk substitute, based on developmental indicators of the infant’s readiness.

Between the ages 4-6 months, solid foods may be offered gradually, in small quantities, provided that the infant is displaying developmental indicators of readiness. The Ministry of Health recommends the serving of iron-enriched porridge as a preliminary weaning food during the introduction to solid foods.

Materna’s porridges contain grains that contribute to a feeling of fullness and are available in a variety of flavors. Adding porridge to the breast-milk substitute or to breast milk is a convenient and easy way of introducing to the infant a variety of new tastes and textures and facilitates the gradual transition from liquids to solid foods by offering the infant a thicker porridge with a spoon. Materna porridges also contain probiotics that help enhance natural protection.

Corn flour porridge is recommended for consumption from the age of 4 months and is available in a 200 gram package.

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