Express test for streptococcus A in the throat "Quick Strep A Test" Kit Life

Express test for streptococcus A in the throat "Quick Strep A Test" Kit Life
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This test is designed to express the presence of streptococcus A bacteria in the throat.

Composition of the kit for express diagnostics:

1 strip for the indentification of test results

1 fence stick

1 wooden spatula

1 bottle with reagent No.1

1 bottle with reagent # 2

1 test container

Instructions for use:

Remove the dough container from the package and place it in the groove on a special stand.

Open the package with the extraction rod. Do not touch the wadding of the stick with your hands! Hold it only by the plastic handle.

Press the patient's tongue with a wooden spatula and gently pick up a swab from the throat. Do not use other types of sticks for this test. Do not use the wand if its packaging is damaged.

After taking the smear, place the stick with the cotton head down into the dough bowl. Open the reagent bottles. Add 6 drops of reagent from bottle No. 1 and 6 drops from bottle No. 2 to the test container. Thoroughly mix the resulting contents with the stick there. Leave for 2-5 minutes.

After that, remove the wand and dispose of it.

Open the aluminum package with the dough strip. Take the strip with the blue side in the hand and lower it into the dough bowl. Ensure that the strip does not dive into the liquid more than the level indicated by the arrows! Leave for 5-10 minutes.

After that, take out the strip. If it has one pink line, the test is negative. If two pink lines are positive. Moreover, a weaker color of the second line is permissible.

After the test, all used and unused materials and reagents must be disposed of immediately.

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